By Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D. Ph.D.


Amidst the position of traditional textbooks linking life with the results of empirical measurement and physical theories, we can say a new cosmology is now also evolving, guiding all aspects of who we are. Understanding “Cosmology” provides a new living ground structure for the interactions of the merging goals of physics and consciousness. If cosmology were merely a tributary of the results of material based singularities, it would be nothing but a physical system more hypothetical than the other sciences. Nevertheless, the impartial examination of physical facts and the determination of their value is starting to imply the subjective power of the individual who can understand the living universe and will inherit the well -beingness of Life.

If we were to only encompass the theory of relativity, this implies there is no such thing as the present state of the entire universe of four-dimensional space-time. Here, the “now” loses for the spatially extended world and its objective meaning. In other words, that which is taken to be “now” relative to one inertial frame will differ from what is “now” in another frame if the second frame is in motion relative to the first.

However, the groundbreaking work of Nikolay Kozyrev and its application by Kaznacheev and Trofimov have shown that this concept of space-time frames is inconsistent and incomplete. Ultimately, the more important concept of life is an understanding of the identification of the life-forces (and ultimately, the super-life-forces) of the universe which must be recognized through what can be called a Kozyrev Space, where consciousness and quantum consciousness override relativity.

Kaznacheev and Trofimov guide us not to labor theoretically on old paradigms, but to seek experiments that chart new frontiers of the non-physical cosmoses behind the veil of the material substratum of life. Their methods and conclusions are a break with the reality games of statistical tables and mathematical models that deny the underlying consciousness of the Absolute as a connection and correlation between the existence of materialism and spiritualism. Taking this one step further, this indicates there is also no such thing as final death, but the restructuring of entropy.

Deep within the nature of Life the universe works in endless formation and transformation. Here there is no logical incoherence, nor logical error, in combining a recognition of the unity of life on earth and in space with the belief of one’s own morality, or one’s own attitude to religion. The ontology of this activity is based on the energies of a Universal Mind, or the Logoi, or the creative minds oscillating in every living molecule, which sustain the existence of all ‘things visible and invisible’. In fact, they lead us instead to recognize the relativity of simultaneity which directs us to the notion that the universe must be teeming with life.

In short, the emergence of the capacity of life as thought, put forth in the book Reflections on Life and Intelligence on Planet Earth, initiates a new leap in the integral process of reclaiming our larger habitat in space as a cosmo-planetary extraterrestrial experiment. Our planet’s development requires humankind to be successful by developing a planetary ethic that will help with a new form of society on the high frontier of space and that can emerge from a new form of pluralistic human culture, a new philosophy of the Universal Mind consistent with the laws of science in the universe. All this can take place provided that the new thrusts of the human mind are tempered by the development of human consciousness. During the new millennium, this form of positive humanistic energy can become the major physical force acting behind-the scenes on all forms of human life and individual development in balancing the human environment

Thus, we are to see the universe as “open-ended”, “living” and “complex” in its many levels of overlap. In the fields of astronomy-cosmology and, particularly, through the elaboration of the concept of the ordering and increase of extraordinary events, we find the fundamental yardstick for the anti-entropic development of life’s processes. To recapitulate, our work is to point to a marvelous multi-dimensional universe in which we live. Reality can be experienced as one unified whole. Instead of human beings experiencing reality as containing zones or strata with greatly differing qualities, our reality of awakened consciousness of the higher dialectic of the sciences is of a privileged character in that we are made wide awake in ordinary, everyday life, of its multidimensionality.

With expanded consciousness, a greater picture of living and dying material strata in this multidimensional universe comes into view whereby we grasp the reality of myriad realms of intelligence creating many universes, each having their consciousness zone and cosmological constant that can even transcend the relativity of Einsteinian science as we know it!

This is consistent with The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® which points out that humanity is, in essence, non‐local and multidimensional. In The Keys of Enoch®,

Key 204, I wrote:

“We live in an open-ended local universe which is part of myriad

universes which comprise the Universal Mind. Our local universe

has at its center a more developed pattern of astro-chemical

networks and reprogramming life syntheses known as the Higher

Evolution. When you surrender your personal ego and identity to

God, you are able to rise to a space-time overlap, working with

your spiritual brothers and sisters through multidimensional

space and time. This is essential for the ongoing fulfillment of

consciousness so as to be one with continuity and change within

Evolutionary Continuum.”

Thus, the critique of knowledge provided in this book points to the true reality, namely the activity of human intelligence, through the medium of evolving beings to potentially reach to the Higher Evolution. It shows the conditions required for the possibility of the finite and the changing states of matter which likewise reach to the infinite. But first we must obtain the most fundamental truths, not by a detailed study of the entire data of scientific experience, but by an analysis and in depth experience of seeing how any knowledge constantly flows through a collective state of consciousness.

The spark of the divine is now, not in the distant future according to some metaphysical criteria. A new ontology of science is at work and a new generation of cosmologists and futurists is able to share inner and outer self-realization in what they are doing, and to bring about a greater realization of the infinite life forces in the Universe.