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Global Scaling


    The unity of Global Consciousness is the most fundamental level of a growing recognition that there is a greater unification of space, time and matter. Time, space and the geometry of energy distribution in the universe have been the subject of much research as well as speculation. The groundbreaking work of N.A. Kozyrev has shown TIME to carry fundamental qualities that ultimately allow us to communicate with all scaling levels of the cosmos.

    Such Global Scaling is a natural phenomenon in all material/energy systems that, when completely understood, can provide the actual mathematics of the “evolution” (or time line) of any material system in the universe. Based on the work of Kozyrev, Simon Shnoll, Kaznacheev and others, Hartmut Müller has formulated and demonstrated the existence of a logarithmic-fractal, harmonic unity of scales that shows all matter linked in a cosmic symphony.

    Hartmut Müller, Dr. rer.nat. and Ulrike Granogger, M.phil.

    The Universe‘s Intrinsic Oscillations

    In Future History magazine, Series 3, Number 7, Summer 2001

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