By Vlail P. Kaznacheev

and Alexander V. Trofimov

General Editor: Dr. J.J. Hurtak
Scientific and Textual Editor: Ulrike Granogger

The distinguished authors of this text have given us a provocative description of how higher states of consciousness work and it is our hope that this book will lead to more professional exchanges between scientists and educators involved with themes from physics and biology to applications of philosophy and humanistic concerns leading to better relationships between the East and the West.



The book is 356 pages

(including 11 color images and
numerous b&w images and charts)

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kaznacheyevVlail Petrovich Kaznacheev, born in Tomsk,Siberia in 1924, is considered one of the principal innovators of the medical sciences in Russia and for several decades was coordinator of the fundamental research directions of Russian science. He is founder of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine and of the International Research Institute of Cosmic Anthropoecology (ISRICA). He was awarded the “Vernadsky Star” of the First Degree by the International Interacademic Union, the highest medal of achievement in Russia. Doctor of Medicine and Professor Advisor to the ResearchCenter o f Clinical and Behavioral Medicine of the Siberian Branch of RAMS. An active member of the Russian Academy of Medial Science, and corresponding member of the Petrovskaya  Academy of Medical Science. Kaznacheyev is also corresponding member of the  PetrovskayaAcademy.

A distinguished therapist, pathologist and ecologist, Kaznacheyev has made  valuable contributions to medicine, discovering the phenomena of intercellular  distant electromagnetic interactions in a system of two tissue structures,  showing a new way to transmit information.

Kaznacheyev has been studying water for nearly 40 years. He focuses on the clinical healing properties of water as well as water quality and purification, additives and the properties of water in preventative medicine. He also studies water as a unique, cosmoplanetary mineral.


Alexander V. Trofimov, born in …(to be continued