A Book Review:

Post-Modern Consciousness and the World of the Future


    In preparing for the new image of humanity in the 21st century it is our hope that this book will help with the problems of quantum ontology and quantum physics in the study of the human evolutionary process of consciousness.

    Empirical Western science believes it is the ‘final answer’ to all problems – however, Russian research went a different direction and sought answers on a level of global consciousness.  This has been a most difficult phenomenon to acknowledge for other more rigid scientific nations who have little to say about the new information of consciousness and how we can reach around the globe in thought and energy.

    However, it is time to be sincere with ourselves and to recognize that the raising of human consciousness to a higher view of world understanding and equitable sharing has a real potential.  First we must give way to our focus on self-serving narcissism or what Dr. Kaznacheev calls “heterotrophic space”. Kaznacheev and Trofimov, therefore, push the envelope of discovery through a different direction of knowledge from Living matter – not the accumalage of dead matter!

    Kaznacheev’s and Trofimov’s conclusions have been a great light in the field of the new scientific discoveries of the link between astrophysics and consciousness awareness. Their cogent understanding of the Kozyrev Mirror, heterotrophic and autotrophic spaces, and the ongoing nature of evolution deepen and render important the theoretical predictions put forth in the paraphysical work conducted by scientists such as Russell Targ, Dr. Andrija Puharich and this author (Dr. J.J. Hurtak).

    In their book, Kaznacheev and Trofimov seek to employ a psycho-physiological approach in their use of instruments and sensors for the study of living matter. Through this we are redirected to a new purpose in life which has the potential of either moving forward or backward in our state of evolution, that is renewing evolution or devolving the life sphere. The potential for moving forward is also based on Vernadsky’s belief in the emergence of the Noosphere – a biosphere evolving under the conscious direction of human reason whereby intelligent life defines the existent cosmo-planetary humanity.

    Here humankind possesses the inner nature of being Cosmo-planetary humanity that maintains the spiritual intellect (Nous), capable of transcending beyond the empirical and macroscopic Earth into the vastness of the intelligible Cosmos. Kaznacheev and Trofimov tell us that “human beings are microscopic quantum systems”. Expanding this notion, we learn that we have the potential to covering all imaginable spatial scales from the microcosm of the smallest sub-atomic particles to the macrocosm of 15 billion light years and beyond. In this transcendence the person, as a primary ontological element of the created world, becomes aware of the design in the world, and takes a conscious role as an intelligible entity participating in the universal Mind. The contemplation of this unity allows one to ascend to the Divine Logos in all life.

    Kaznacheev and Trofimov agree and encourage their readers to take a higher approach towards a scientific-consciousness synthesis, stating that human nature is grounded in a fantastic interplay of life even in its post-mortal sense of participating in the Plenum of the universe. This also alludes to a new understanding of the universe which could be described as having relatively small entropy, which is evidenced by the existence of stable structures, which must stem from the low entropy conditions at its initial state. 

    For those who see the real issues in the global commons, we must ask a very important question: Do we have the potential of moving beyond the entropy of this system of things? We are living at a time that shows so many climatic changes that it can be argued before the highest councils of science (e.g., the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) that humankind is heading towards the sixth mass extinction with great speed! These findings force us to reflect on a reality beyond the definite principles of life which are active at every point in the process in which case we may be nearing our own “zero-point”.

    Nevertheless the work of Kaznacheev-Trofimov points to the concept of a universal Plenum of consciousness. This has been confirmed in the work of a German physicist by the name of Dr. Hartmut Müller, who studied and worked in Russia. He, like Vlail Petrovich Kaznacheev, has been honored with the “Vernadsky Star”, Russia’s highest academic medal. What Müller’s work involves is a deeper understanding of the fractal spectrum that deals with natural numbers of a higher order that can explain how the physical universe holds together. His theory of Global Scaling shows the discovery of the transfinite spectrum. His proof of a higher order of mathematical organization is like the mathematics behind the hanging gardens of Babylon or the pyramids of Egypt, expressed in finite-infinite mathematical interactions. This is a remarkable achievement on the nature of mathematics which points to the opening of the universe in an infinite way, on an ongoing scale of magnitude which shows the interconnection of life. Thus, the relationship between Kaznacheev and Trofimov also supports the work of other leading Russian-European scientists like Hartmut Müller, and Simon Shnoll who provide a basis for a new understanding of space and time. It shows the underlying factor of controlling the biological-astronomic field within the powerful nature of consciousness out of which both the material substratum and the Mind appear.

    In the course of reflection on the limitations on traditional scientific thinking, it is our hope that you will continue to read and re-read this valuable book, discovering anew the principles of being and, among others, the proof of the thesis that prime matter is a principle absolutely undetermined by itself and ciphers a higher blueprint of life!


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